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Advanced Open Water Diver       
Jimmy - Nanaimo, BC -- picture by Peter Rothschild

Do you want to keep diving? Do you want to increase your diving skills and comfort after your Open Water Diver certification class? The Advanced class is your next step, and can be started immediately after the Open Water Diver class. No extra experience is needed. This class will provide you with 5 more training dives with me, so you become a safer and more competent diver. You will learn to dive to a maximum of 100 feet deep, improve your compass navigation and participate in 3 more specialty dives, which could include boat diving, a dry suit dive, drift dive, night dive or many other elective specialty dives. The Advanced course offers you a structured program where you gain additional experience and skills under my guidance.  If you complete just three dives you will earn your PADI Adventure Diver certification.