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Drift Diver
Unknown diver off a wall Bunaken, Indonesia -- picture by Peter Rothschild

I will teach you how to FLY!  Drift Diving is effortless and relaxing because you simply glide with the current and feel the rush of flying underwater.  But, with this type of diving come special procedures that you need to know so you can maximize your fun underwater.  During your PADI Drift Diver certification course, you'll learn about drift dive planning, organization, techniques and potential hazards, as well as special equipment and procedures.

I will provide you with tips learned from his drift dives in Puget Sound, Cozumel, Indonesia and places in between!

From the Instructor Manual:

The Drift Diver course is to include two open water training dives, which may be conducted in one day. It is recommended, but not required, that divers enrolled in the course be exposed to techniques and procedures for drift diving from a boat.

This course covers the knowledge and techniques of drift diving. The minimum number of recommended hours is 12, with time being equally divided between knowledge development and actual water-training sessions. To conduct a Drift Diver course, the following is to be included:

1. the planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of drift diving.
2. special equipment -- floats, lines, reels.
3. proper procedures for buoyancy-control, navigation and communication.
4. site selection and overview of aquatic currents causes and effects.
5. techniques for staying close to a buddy or together as a group.