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Open Water Diver
Tim and Georgina, Maui -- Picture by Peter Rothschild

I offer Private Lessons for those who need it done NOW or for whom the standard class format does not work.  I will hold these classes at the Scuba Room in my house.  And if the class is in the summer, you will do the pool work in the private, heated, pool.

The standard Open Water course is completed in 3 weeks, typically meeting on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  A local pool is used for the confined water pool sessions, and all evenings will include pool time. You are welcome to bring something to eat during the classroom sessions if you are just getting off work.

The class will make 4 dives in Puget Sound to complete your Open Water Certification. You will really enjoy all the new experiences and sights of Puget Sound underwater!

When you have met the requirements of the course and completed the open water dives, you will be awarded the PADI Open Water Diver Certification, which allows you to purchase and use SCUBA equipment and dive throughout the world. All divers are encouraged to continue their diving education by signing up for the next course in the PADI learning progression - the Adventure Diver/Advanced Open Water class! This will provide you with 3 (or 5) more supervised open water dives in Puget Sound, and is a natural continuation of your Open Water course. This is where the fun really is! You will learn many more things that you need to know to become a more skilled and competent SCUBA diver.

 The PADI "Scuba Diver" certification comes after successful completion of the first three Pool Sessions and first two Open Water sessions.  With this entry level certification, you may dive with a Professional to a maximum depth of 40 feet.