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Tec Basics and PADI Tec 40

These two classes help the Recreational Diver enter the world of "Technical Diving" where "the two Ps of diving" are very, very important.  Just what are those "Two Ps of Diving" -- Planning and Precision.  Another class which introduces many of the concepts but not the gear, TecReational Diver, can be found here.

In these classes you will learn the basics of Technical diving.

Tec Basics is PADI's "Introduction to Doubles and a stage" and is really part one of the Tec 40 class.  You will get fitted out with "Hogarthian Gear" which is the traditional "technical" setup -- a Backplate and Wing, manifolded doubles, two first stages with a long hose on your primary second stage and a short hose with a bungied necklace for your backup second stage.

There are two pool sessions where you get to feel what it is like diving doubles and having a stage bottle and get introduced to valve drills (turning off/turning on the valves in sequence).  You'll also learn how to switch from your "backgas" (the tanks on your back) to your stage/deco bottle while maintaining your position in the water column and team awareness.  You will do one day/two dives in open water where you get to practice those skills you learned in the pool.

The Tec 40 class is the first full step within PADI's Technical Diving program and will prepare you to dive with doubles to a maximum of 130 feet and do some minimal staged decompression.  It starts with the above (Tec Basics is the first part of Tec 40) and then just continues practicing the skills and drills necessary to become comfortable with technical (i.e., mandatory, staged decompression) diving.

Students in the Tec 40 and Tec Basics courses need to download and printout the following handouts.