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Diving & Teaching Videos

Thanks to You Tube, there are MANY, MANY Scuba Diving videos -- many (if not most) of questionable quality both of the diving and the video quality.

Here are some videos I believe are worthwhile:

Edmond Kay -- University of Washington Professor -- THE video on ear issues:
                              The Diver's Ear

Andrew Georgitsis -- Andrew is one of my instructors and is the person behind 5th DX and UTD Diving (Unified Team Diving, a term coined by my late wife, Lynne).  Several parts of his "Essentials of DIR" DVD are on YouTube:

Buoyancy and Trim  

The Non-Silting Kicks  

I am a Cave Diver -- that means I have been trained to dive in caves and I really, really enjoy the experience.  I enjoy sharing the experience with anyone/everyone as something that is absolutely marvelous -- the closest thing I'll ever be to being an Astronaut.  Here are some pictures of my early experience in a cave -- Diving in the Cenotes

BUT, and it is a big BUT, the key is that I have taken the time to get trained to dive in an overhead environment.  The following is a video that is about the dark side of Cave Diving:

A Deceptively Easy Way to Die