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Puget Sound Critters

Puget Sound is a "critter paradise" because of its colder waters, which means there is a lot of oxygen to support a lot of life.  One of the sea's cruel ironies is that the colder the water, the more life but also the poorer the visibility.  So in tropical waters you find very pretty fishies and gorgeous corals and 100 foot visibility -- not to mention warm water.  But in Puget Sound you find much more life but NOT the pretty fishies and gorgeous corals -- just life everywhere you look!

Here are some of my favorites (the images are links to a full sized image):

Alabaster Nudibranch

 Dendronotus Diversicolor

 Puget Sound King Crab

 Ling Cod


 Janolus fuscus

 Clown Nudibranch

Wolf Eel

Rose Starfish
Red Rock Crab